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  Miami Escort Agency vs. Independent Escorts  

Below are just some of the reasons why you should use escort services from Miami Escort Agency instead of independent escorts.

Many people believe that independent escorts will charge less than escort agencies and provide the same services. They also think that they will get much more for their money since independent escorts do not have to share anything with an agency. Are they right or wrong? We will tell you what we think and you make your own decision:

If independent escorts will charge less than an agency, why would they work independently if they can work for an agency? Why would they spend a lot of time and pay thousands of dollars to promote themselves? Why would they answer the phone 24/7 to schedule an appointment if someone can do it for them? Why would they want to meet the clients that they don't know without any type of security? (See our employment section to view the list of just some of the benefits that we offer to our escorts).

The are only two answers:

1.  They want to charge the same amount or even more than an agency will charge for them.

2.  They are not qualified to work with any agency for one reason or the other.

We receive over 100 employment inquiries a week and with over six years experience we are able to reject most of applicants without even meeting them for an interview.

On an average we hire one of out 20-25 girls that we meet for an interview and only one out of ten that we hire will continue to work for us.

All escorts who work for our agency were interviewed in person and have gone through tough screening process that include appearance standards, personality check, background check and much more... After they begin to work we strictly monitor customer's feedback and percentage of returning clients.

Below is a list of just some of the reasons why we believe that you should not even consider independent escorts:

1.  Independent escorts usually post fake photos to a different escort directories. They also write a fake reviews about themselves on different escort review sites. About 90% of the time, the girl that will show up at your door will not be the same as on the photos or the photos will be 10-15 years old.

2.  Since independent escorts work for themselves, they make their own rules. You have no one to complain to! If you get ripped off - that is it!

3.  Among independent escorts you will also find many con artists as well as thieves. Be sure to watch what you drink and do not leave your drinks unattended, or you may wake up in the morning with all valuables stolen from your residence or hotel room. It will be very difficult for you to find that independent escort, since they will immediately change their pre-paid phone number and fake photos on their ad. Most of them also change cities on a regular basis.

4.  Many independent escorts do not only live from the money that they make for providing escort services. Some generate huge incomes from blackmailing their clients after the date.

Miami Escort Agency has been in business for over six years, always on the same easy to remember domain. Our phone number was never changed and will always be the same! At Miami Escort Agency we guarantee that we do our job in screening and selecting the escort girls that we work with, so you can relax, enjoy your date and never worry about any of the issues that can happen with an independent escort.

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All photos on this website are 100% real and recent photographs of Miami escorts, Fort Lauderdale escorts, Boca Raton escorts that are working for Miami Escorts Agency. Our high class escorts understand that providing adult dating services requires very high standards and discretion. They know that the service they provide must be impeccable in order to continue working with our agency. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed!


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